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> Send me a check too.  I don't listen to any of the
> above.  I generally don't listent to radio at all, but
> on rare occasions while I'm traveling I'll listen to
> non-commercial stations.  My dial rarely goes beyond 92 MHz.
What's amusing here is that I knew that. And not just because the Amazing Right-Wing Conspiracy has insinuated listening devices into your undies, no, it's because you've said so in the past, and I simply happened to pay attention and remember. Similarly, I would've been surprised if you had voted for McCain. You probably voted Libertarian or perhaps not at all in the presidential race.

PAYING ATTENTION--The next best thing to psychic powers! 

>  The idea isn't to tell people what languages they can
> or can't use in the streets or in their homes, but to
> eliminate bilingual education and other things which serve
> no purpose other than to build a wall between people, a wall
> that severely limits the life prospects for those on one
> side.  

Which sounds remarkably similar to the goal of auxlangs...

> Unfortunately PC thinking means demonizing things by
> using loaded words like "racist" or
> "bigot" inppropriately to play into people's
> emotional responses to such words.

Correct. "Bigot"--the word that ends free discussion and thought.