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> > But religion isn't an automatic turn-off for me.
> For example, 
> > suppose the Pope decided to promote either Ia or
> LsF--both 
> > understandable choices, though historically high-level
> > Catholics have supported Eo instead. They might make
> some 
> > tweaks and call the result "Lingua
> Cat[h]olic" or something. 
> > Would I support that?
> It would depend on the tweaks to the language.  If they
> tried to
> make the language a propoganda tool, which a name like
> "lingua
> catolica" would be, I wouldn't support it.  

Technically, "catholic" just means "universal" or "all-encompassing." I meant to add a counterexample involving a radical group setting up an auxlang. I certainly wouldn't support that.

> they merely adopted
> it as the interlanguage of the Vatican (like the current
> state of
> Latin) because they see the practical value in using a
> planned
> language, then no problem.

Agreed, then.
> If they adopted it as I menioned.  It could be a good
> thing.  Just
> as the colonial languages have been spread by missionaries,
> a
> language like Interlingua could be used and spread in the
> same
> manner.  The only thing is that the movement these days is
> a day
> late and a dollar short.

I never said it was likely, but it is an engaging fantasy, and a bit more likely than the usual international committee fantasy. 
> > Similarly, if Muslims could truly get together on an
> auxlang, 
> > perhaps something related to Arabic as Yiddish is to
> Hebrew, 
> > i.e., marginally, that would be worth learning and 
> > supporting, though I doubt it would gain truly global 
> > acceptance either.
> Most Muslims though are non-Arabs.  

Correct, and their grasp of Arabic often isn't that good anyway.

Something based loosely
> on
> Arabic may work for that group though because Arabic has
> supplied a
> lot of loanwords to these other languages.

It could certainly slap Eo around a lot. Maybe even English.
> > So I don't foresee supporting a political auxlang,
> but a 
> > religious one might be worthwhile if only as a step to
> a 
> > larger solution. Religions, after all, tend to be less
> > limited than political movements. There are right- and
> > left-wing members of both Catholicism and Islam, after
> all.
> Some religions are also suppressed in certain parts of the
> world,
> and in others there is only one religion forcing to others
> operate
> underground.

Sadly true. Persecution of religions is a largely unmentioned crime. I joke about doing things to people going door to door with tracts, but I'd never want to see them harmed or imprisoned.