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"Look at that cat hungry for tuna." <-- N-A


I would see that as "Look at that cat (that is) hungry for tuna." But on the other hand, maybe any sentence with an A after a N could be seen as an ellipsis. In French, "la voiture rouge" could be changed to "la voiture qui et rouge" and I don't think the meaning would change that much. Just like in Chinese, the "de" particle can sometimes be taken about, or sometimes is always taken out. So perhaps in English, the fact that we can say "a car that is red" means that A can come after N.

Neo Patwa is like that. There is a word "po" that is a kind of all-purpose preposition. There is another word, "na", which is a postposition. So "nila na yana" means "a blue car", whereas "yana po nila" means "a car that is blue." 

Jens Wilkinson
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