Talk about transparent publicity stunts, but there is now an auxlang named
after the president-elect of the US. Or rather, nicknamed after. I decided
to use Obami as a new name for Neo Patwa.

Just for some fairly empty self-justification, NP and Obama share some
interesting things. Obama was born of a European-American mother and a
Kenyan father, was born in Hawaii, and lived in Indonesia during his
childhood. NP is based on pidgin languages, including Hawaiian pidgin. It
has a European vocaculary but also a significant amount of vocabulary from,
intriguingly, Swahili and Indonesian (coincidentally, because they are
languages with phonologies that mesh well with NP).

Of course, one can take things too far. Obama is, from everything I've
heard, a typical monoglot American, and not a very good exemplar of an
auxlang user.

Obami is taken from the pattern Hindu - Hindi.

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa (