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>> Chandler
>> > Seriously though, I think I prefered the name Neo
>> Patwa.
>> > That's just me though.  Maybe we ought to keep
>> politics and
>> > IALs separate.  Just my two cents worth..
>> I too much prefer the name "Neo Patwa".  As
>> someone who despises
>> politicians, especially socialists, any politician's
>> name on a
>> conlang will leave a bad taste.
> Particularly given that Obama the candidate had a bad habit of suppressing opposing views, calling on his followers to shout them down and threatening his opponents with lawsuits to silence them, to take the name of an oppressor for an auxlang is folly. He also spent roughly twenty years listening to his pastor's racist rants without finding anything wrong with them or him.
> Seriously, I will never support the auxlang formerly known as NP so long as the name change remains in effect.
> Steve

Meh. In all honesty, it was a well-earned defeat for the GOP. Nobody
to blame but themselves, I'm afraid.

As for the language name, I don't really have much of an opinion
either way. It does coincide with your view that IALs need to appeal
to the outside world more often, though I could imagine it getting old
after a while. Imagine if Esperanto had named itself after McKinley in

...but then again the "Zamenhofa lingvo" never seems to get old either.