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> I can comprehend an evil language.  It's the one
> that's being
> created by the Politically Correct to atry to lter
> people's thinking
> in a manner that suits their needs.  Not too far from what
> Newspeak
> was supposed to do.

What do you mean by that? That the change from "policeman" to "police officer" (my understanding of typical political correctness) was meant to force people to think that police don't have to be men? I mean, I agree that there's a lot of silliness, such as using "sanitary engineers" to overcome the bad feeling that people get from being called a "garbage man". Though honestly, garbage man doesn't seem like something I'd want to be called. Or are you thinking about the media avoiding using racial descriptions of suspects? I can see where it can go too far, but to be honest, living in Japan as a foreigner, it always bothers me when the media says "a foreign-looking suspect" but don't mention "a Japanese-looking suspect" in the other case; it makes it seem like most crime is committed by foreigners. So just condeming the idea wholesale seems wrong to me.

Or have I misunderstood what you mean by PC?

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