I don't know if Esperanto has a corpus. If it does it would be 
interesting to compare the language from the early period and up to our 

Taking the Esperanto that I learnt in the 50's of past century as 
default, I found the texts by Zamenhof et. al. as very Slavic, and when 
I learned Polish I realized how very similar to Polish that form of 
language was.

Many modern Esperanto texts I read give me an impression of an English 
coloring. It is hard to point to any particular example, but I think the 
thing might be worth studying.

If my observation is correct, possible explanations might be that so 
many users, both native English speakers and those, who have acquired 
English in a higher or lesser degree, use English as a common background 
or resonance tool, if you want.

Kjell R