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Cheng-Zhong Su skrev:

I know that since many centuries ago, the northern Europe developed their
pronunciation system far ahead the southern Europe. Now what you said seemed
proved it. Also I am not sure what you mean: "without tones in Chinese. That
should explain the difference". But hopefully, I think we may find another
source to increase the number of sounds in our voice.
Cheng-Zhong Su

I mean exactly what I wrote: Speak Chinese without any tone, as if it were English you spoke but with correct vowels and consonants. Test how you would be understood.

Have you spoken to a foreigner in Chinese yet?

Kjell R
Take off tone from the Chinese language is exactly like take off vowel from western language and resume the Phoenician language. It can cause a big mistake.

I know some foreigner can't use tone properly and the Chinese people still understand them. The fact is that what they talked are some shallow meanings, just like an English speaker will not speak idiomatic English to some foreigners, if the opponent English is not as good as theirs.

Cheng-Zhong Su