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Cheng-Zhong Su skrev:

The separation started from local accent. Without TV and radio, village to
village, town to town could get their own local accent. But the alphabetic
system required every letter reflect these local accents then gradually the
writing system had to change to adapt the changing accent. On the other
hand, the Chinese writing system was irrelevant to pronunciation. So until
now, if a Chinese don't know Japanese, they can still communicate by hand
Now we have TV and radio, things could get better as you have said; French
in Canada doesn't split from Europe. But I still found that the English has
different pronunciation among British, America, Australia and Canada. I hope
it will not affect the writing system.

Many years ago I had access to a French programming from Canada, as I had Canale 5 which is an international French channel. And at least as I remember, the Canadian French was quite different in pronunciation from the French I will hear on TV or in movies here.

Kjell R
I see. The Australia English sounds different with both America and British too. I hope in the future this situation can be improved.

Cheng-Zhong Su