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> I wish there were a quote operator which took
> its argument as a string, ignoring any leading
> or trailing whitespace, pending correctly behaving
> monowidth fonts.

You can always '$foo =~ s/\A \s* (.*?) \s* \z/$1/smx' right before  
printing (or doing whatever output you need to do). There's a slightly  
wordier sub that wraps that regex on pp 85-87 of _Perl Best Practices_  
(which I heartily recommend) that discusses the various merits of various  

Sorry, I haven't been following this thread, or the list, and I'm gearing  
up to do interviews today for Perl programmers ***, so my brain is  
elsewise right now. That and the supper happy fun time that is sporadic  
insomnia, which hit last night and which is ... well, super happy fun time.

*** If "Smart and Gets Things Done" applies to you, and you're a LAMP  
person who can move to and work in central North Carolina, btw, drop me a  

Speaking of Perl ... IIRC Someone (Henrik?) made a compiler for sound  
change rules that took a rules file in and produced a Perl module as  
output. Where can I find that?

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