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> Hi all, This is a poll I'm conducting as a part of my graduation final 
> essay.  
> Please take a few seconds and participate. Thanks in advance
> 3 Questions
> 1st (choices 1 through 3) Why have you started conlanging?
> 2nd (choices 4 through 10) What linguistic mechanisms have you applied when 
> conlanging?
> rd Your conlang is... (choices 11 through 15)

 ( ) Professional Purposes
 (X) Influence from others

Mostly Tolkien, as with so many others here :)

 (X) Hobby/pastime

Fictional worlds are a hobby of mine, and fictional languages
go with them.

 (X) Studies on Sound Change
 (X) Studies on Analogical Change
 (X) Studies on Semantic Change
 (X) Studies on Syntactic Change
 (X) Studies on Borrowing
 (X) Studies on the Comparative Method for Language (Re)construction
 (X) Studies on Linguistic Classification
 (X) A priori
 (X) A posteriori

Most of the vocabulary of Old Albic is a priori, but some
words are from list of putative substratum words in western
Indo-European languages, and a few meant to be cognates of
Proto-Indo-European lexemes.

 ( ) Auxlang
 (X) Artlang
 ( ) Engelang

Old Albic is an artlang - a fictional language to be more
precise - and meant to be a distant cousin of Indo-European
and related to the unknown languages of Neolithic Europe
from which Germanic and Celtic probably borrowed hundreds
of words without Indo-European etymologies.

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