Philip Newton wrote:
> It'll be 2013 in about ten days!

Gosh - is it that time already! Nimis velociter fugit tempus!

> If you would like a new WHATL calendar in TAKE, you can get one from
> (400 KB).
> You may remember that last year's theme was "landmarks around Europe";

I do. As a result of comments on the captions some of the TAKE syntax 
became formalized and I meant to write this up on my website. I still 
haven't done it. I had more free time when I was working! I must update 
the TAKE pages and make a real effort to finish Piashi in 2009.

> this year's theme is "baby animals".


> Comments on the translation are also welcome, in case I slipped up
> somewhere, though I did try to be reasonably correct with the TAKE
> words. 

I'll report back   :)

Frustra fit per plura quod potest
fieri per pauciora.
[William of Ockham]