In responses to question 3

Jorayn uses a conjunction to compare two quantities or qualities.
hmna-tyo-mo      je'mor   ya'cii-l                tor
love-1SG-PRES  her       more.than-OBJ   you
I love her more than (I love) you (right now)

the conjunction is cii, and ya' shows a greater degree, the -l shows
it is the object being compared as opposed to
hmnatyona je'mor ya'cii tor
I love her more than you do (right now)

This is the only way of forming comparitives, and since there are no
adjectives, only stative verbs, the same formula applies to things
like colour intensity.

laro ya'cii ovo'shovan
it's more blue than the sky

And with that in mind, question two was,"Does anyone know of a
language where things get between the Q/M/S"

All I can think of in jorayn are adverbs and objects, if it's them
that are being compared and not the subjects, then the marker declines
for that.

ovo'novtyon slii'kko ya'cii'kko ??? : I do it faster than ???