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> I got my first computer, a Macintosh Plus with a
> dazzling megabyte of RAM‑in about 1988.

IIRC, 1MB was actually the low end for a Mac Plus; the big deal was that it
could go up to 4MB (only a year after the Mac 512K).  Dazzling indeed!  Did
you have the beige or the platinum case?

Aside from using the computers at school (mainframes, Sun workstations,
Macs, IBM PS/2's) I made do with my Commodore 128 (and its cheesy dot matrix
printer that didn't even have true descenders) from its acquisition in 1985
until my marriage in 1993.  Then as a wedding gift to ourselves we got a
Gateway PC: 486DX2, 66MHz, 16MB of RAM(!).  (It also had VESA LocalBus and
SCSI, two technology investments that would serve us well as they grew to
dominate the PC industry . . . oh, wait.)  The whole thing cost about $4k,
which was a substantial investment for us at the time, but since we're both
professional computer geeks, it seemed warranted.

But my ling notes, conscripting, and even the linguistics class at Georgia
Tech at the time, was exclusively handwritten.  We could have used (La)TeX,
I suppose, but it wasn't widely known outside of the CS and math

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