On Thu, 18 Dec 2008 15:33:52 -0800, Sai Emrys wrote:

> Collaborative projects don't last long *when they are done in a
> scatted fashion*. We are not big enough as a community to viably
> support multiple competing wikis, for example.
> We are however perfectly capable of supporting a good central one. It
> simply needs to have critical mass and a perception of
> trustworthiness.

Indeed.  We should concentrate our efforts on a single wiki
(I suggest FrathWiki) and try expanding it into an encyclopedic
reference of conlangs and conlanging.  So far, FrathWiki serves
primarily as a showcase for list members' conlangs and concultures.
That's well and fine, but we can add more.  It could become a
conlanging encyclopedia, especially as the deletionists on
Wikipedia eat away one page about conlangs and conlanging after
another.  So FrathWiki could host pages about notable conlangs
(e.g., Tolkien's languages) as well as definitions of linguistic
terminology, practical conlanging advice, etc.

It is "Together we stand - divided we fall": if we have half
a dozen competing wikis, none of them will manage to become
the first stop of reference for conlangers.  Can't we join
forces on *one* wiki?

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