> Daniel Bowman <danny.c.bowman@...> wrote:

> How do your conlangs handle this type of construction?  Any 
> creative (read: non-English and Romance language) ways to handle 
> this?

Senjecas is SOV. It is my understanding that in this type of language 
all modifiers are placed before what is modified; it also uses 
postpositions.  I'm sorry I can't quote my source(s), there have been 
so many.  This is how it is done in Senjecas:

In place of a relative pronoun, Senjecas uses a relativizer, "jet-."  
When used as a pronoun, it is declined in the appropriate class, 
e.g., "jetus," who; "jetos," what; "jetusyo," whose.  When used as 
the object of a postposition the relativizer is suffixed with the 
appropriate postpostion: "jetafa," off of which; "ježkemta," 
alongside of which; "jetena," at which, where, etc.

I hate the man who hit me yesterday.

m-us jet-us m-um jhes-aamr-ėvi per paalg-a mhir-um tsed-a. yester-day-ADV PAST hit-IND hate-