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Dear  Emergency Medicine Physician, 

Daniel Stern & Associates invites  you once again to participate in our 
annual salary survey, the 2009 Daniel  Stern & Associates Emergency Medicine 
Compensation and Benefit Survey.  

We hope that this year's survey is easier to complete. We read your  comments 
and suggestions each year after you participate in the survey and we  try to 
improve the quality of the data we collect. As always, the final  results will 
enable us to compare prior year's compensation and tell you what  direction 
compensation and benefits are headed.

If you are an Emergency  Medicine physician working in a strictly Academic 
environment, you may wish to  wait and participate in our National Academic 
Emergency Medicine Salary  Survey, which will be coming out in the next couple of 
months. Please sign up  on our website to be notified when the Academic Salary 
Survey will be  available online or contact Catherine Stearns at 800-438-2476 
or  [log in to unmask]

Please remember, you will receive a free copy  of the National Results if you 
participate. Please encourage your colleagues  to do so as well, the more 
data we collect, the more representative are the  results. 

The 2009 survey is based on compensation received in calendar  year 2008. You 
are eligible to participate if you worked full-time in 2008.  Please do not 
participate if you completed a residency or fellowship in 2008  or if you only 
worked part-time in 2008 since it will skew the data.  

One of the most important calculations people want from our survey  results 
each year is the relationship of the total hours worked by Emergency  Medicine 
physicians to the total compensation earned. We are anxious to have  the 
ability to compare total compensation with the total hours worked, so we  ask you 
to give a true estimate of the total hours you worked at your primary  position 
in 2008. If you have lost track of your hours, please ask your  practice 
administrator for this data or guesstimate to the best of your  ability.

This year we are again including a brief survey entitled  Trends, Predictions 
and Perceptions of Emergency Medicine Physician - which is  completely 
optional. If you participate you will receive a free copy of the  results of this 
mini survey as well as the National Results of the  compensation survey. 

As always, we appreciate your participation.  

All participants who complete the survey will be notified via email  when the 
survey results are released in April 2009. 
Please  click on the link below to begin the survey.


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