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Dr.  Kharash,
I was
hoping Lisa Amir would respond. Her group has published  their experience
with the JumpSTART criteria in Israel.  If you have  received any pertinent 
responses to your inquiry, I would
appreciate your  thoughts & insight. 
Jay Pershad 

Good morning from Super Bowl Country!  
Attached is the article Jay speaks of.  As it happens Dr Lou Romig  
(JumpSTART) and I attended the CDC TIIDE (Terrorism Injuries: Information  
Dissemination Exchange) Jacksonville meeting 1.25.09  (Drs Rick Hunt (CDC)  and Isaac 
Ashenazi Ret Colonel Israeli Defense Forces; Director Urban Terrorism  
Preparedness Harvard School of Public Health were among the grant  leadership in 
attendance.)  By way of copy to this email perhaps Lou can  provide other avenues of 
information /insight regarding JumpSTART.  All the  best, Deborah
    *   htt;://  TIIDE Project 2008 Annual  Report and 
    *   MMWR Jan 23, 2009 Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients  
Recommendation of the National Expert Panel on Field Triage.  Dr  Art Cooper 
represented the pediatric voice in this effort. 
    *   Prehospital Response and Field Triage in Pediatric Mass  Casualty 
Incidents: The Israeli Experience _Clinical  Pediatric Emergency Medicine_ 
-8401)  - _Volume 7, Issue 1_ 
(  (March  2006)  

Deborah Ann  Mulligan, MD FAAP FACEP
Institute for Child Health Policy,  Director
Professor Pediatrics, COM
Attending Physician Emergency  Department, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital 
American Academy of Pediatrics,  Florida Chapter President 2003 – 2005
Nova Southeastern University
3200 S.  University Drive, Suite 1212 HPD-EXEC
Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33328
FAX: 954.262.3263
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