HI folks,

We have a set of printed books in which page-numbering is frequently 
erratic; numbers are omitted and repeated, and sometimes the order of 
digits in the page number is wrong.

I'd be glad to know how anyone else has handled marking up this problem. 
One approach we took initially for digit-ordering was to do this:

<pb n="146" rend="164" />

where what should have been 146 was printed as 164. But on another 
volume, I've found that page numbers 18 and 19 were repeated, meaning 
that everything subsequent to that is "wrong"; that's made me reconsider 
what I mean by "wrong" in this context, and whether a page number might 
just be better viewed as a label rather than a necessarily unique 
identifier for a page.

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
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Half-Baked Software, Inc.
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