Hi everyone (especially Sebastian),

I'm having major problems with the web Roma and I'm pretty sure it's
not me. I have an ODD I've been working on and when I load it in and
make changes, changes that I've already made to attributes are undone.
I've tested this a couple of times (on both web Roma installs) and
this is what happens:

1) Load in my odd (with many elements excluded, and many attributes
excluded from those elements remaining). I check and everything looks
fine - all elements and attributes are included/excluded as they
should be.
2) So I've excluded <hi> but now it turns out I need it to be
included. I check "include", then save.
3) Now when I click on "change attributes" next to any of the included
elements that I've already worked on, *all* attributes are now marked

I started with TEI Lite. I have trimmed out many of the <div>s from
the <body> of documentation but otherwise haven't messed with the ODD
file by hand. The ODD is valid, as is the schema it outputs. Am I
doing something wrong (maybe the buttons need to be clicked in some
secret order), or is this an error in Roma? Many thanks for any


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