HI Brett,

Brett Zamir wrote:

> My meaning was I didn't see any pseudo-/classes/ that were necessary on 
> such a level, unless the TEI document /is /the original document, but I 
> do see value for the pseudo-/elements/ (as in the pilcrow example).

I can imagine a use for nth-child, nth-of-type, and especially :empty 
(enabling <pb/> to be represented in some way). But these are definitely 
borderline cases when it comes to representing the original appearance 
of documents.


> So, yeah, it must be a bug (as is the fact that it works even without 
> the id attribute!), and even if it were fixed, the specification cited 
> above doesn't explicitly allow internal stylesheets in non-XHTML XML. 

Actually, it does as far as I can see:

"NOTE: Since the value of the href attribute is a URI reference, it may 
be a relative URI and it may contain a fragment identifier. In 
particular the URI reference may contain only a fragment identifier. 
Such a URI reference is a reference to a part of the document containing 
the xml-stylesheet processing instruction (see [RFC2396]). The 
consequence is that the xml-stylesheet processing instruction allows 
style sheets to be embedded in the same document as the xml-stylesheet 
processing instruction."


so I'm glad it does work, and the good news is that we can expect it to 
continue to work (and perhaps work in other browsers) in future.
Martin Holmes
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