Hi Martin,

On 1/24/2009 12:19 AM, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> So, yeah, it must be a bug (as is the fact that it works even without 
>> the id attribute!), and even if it were fixed, the specification 
>> cited above doesn't explicitly allow internal stylesheets in 
>> non-XHTML XML. 
> Actually, it does as far as I can see:
> "NOTE: Since the value of the href attribute is a URI reference, it 
> may be a relative URI and it may contain a fragment identifier. In 
> particular the URI reference may contain only a fragment identifier. 
> Such a URI reference is a reference to a part of the document 
> containing the xml-stylesheet processing instruction (see [RFC2396]). 
> The consequence is that the xml-stylesheet processing instruction 
> allows style sheets to be embedded in the same document as the 
> xml-stylesheet processing instruction."
> <>
> so I'm glad it does work, and the good news is that we can expect it 
> to continue to work (and perhaps work in other browsers) in future.
Sorry about that...hadn't read it carefully (just searched for the hash 
mark!)--good catch!... However, I see now at that

     "Most XML-based formats will not have such an element [html:style], 
but the same PI that links to external style sheets can also be used to 
point to style sheets that are embedded in the document itself. *As of 
February 2006, there are still technical problems with this and no 
formal specification exists.* "

Fragment identifiers (and mention of id type/xml:id) are mentioned under 
"Unsolved problems" in the same document (just updated 4 days ago)...

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