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Dear Dot, and hi all,

sorry for the late answer but I was busy teaching TEI and manuscript
descriptions for the (whole) last week:

If we were talking about such passages within manuscript descriptions I
would (strongly) recommend the element <finalRubric>. I do believe that
an incipit (almost) *never* contains the words "incipit" nor does the
explicit contain "explicit" in itself but that these passages are
rubrics and finalRubrics (or sometimes colophons if mentioned together
with some person and/or date). But, in the German cataloguing tradition
we also use the slightly different term "Initium" for what the "real"
begin of the text is.

Now, that rubric/finalRubric are (yet) not allowed in transcriptions, we
either could be willing to allow it (in the future) or make clear the
function of the portion of text right now marked up as <trailer>?

Does anyone else with me feels the uneasiness of having elements like
rubric, incipit, explicit etc on "description level" and nothing the
like within the transcription? Would you use <span type="incipit"> in
these cases, maybe in order to point from msDesc to text? <trailer>
certainly looks good from its definition but using <finalRubric> here
and <trailer> there makes it less easy to connect description with the text?

Any thought and suggestions on this?

Best, Torsten

> We're encoding collections of canon law (both printed and manuscript),
> and there are instances where at the very end of the collection (after
> the final canon) there is an explicit: "Explicit Liber primus" for
> example. We're wondering if it would be reasonable to mark this using
> the <closer> tag, which according to the Guidelines "groups together
> salutations, datelines, and similar phrases appearing as a final group
> at the end of a division, especially of a letter." A collection of
> canons obviously isn't a letter, but the explicit seems to be acting
> as a closer for the collection. Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Dot
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