Dear Sebastian,

seeing that the generation of the pdf documentation works fine on the 
oucs Server I decided to develop my schema using Roma on oucs. But while 
clicking on the tab Schema to save the schema I got a screen full of 
strange messages concerning validating errors like 
"DOMDocument::relaxNGValidate() [function.DOMDocument-relaxNGValidate]: 
Invalid attribute usage for element elementSpec"

So I preferred to continue working with Roma on


Sebastian Rahtz schrieb:
> Christiane Fritze wrote:
>> I used Roma at
>> Now using the Roma I could not reproduce the 
>> bug.
> If it works on now, then
> that is good (in a way); I am planning to make
> a new TEI release next week, which includes bringing
> the Roma in sync with the development version.
> if you break the one on,
> please  let me know!