I'm in the process of migrating P4 texts to P5 texts (nearing the end, 
or so I'd thought...) and have question about what to do with paragraph 

The source material has a single paragraph that which is continued on a
following page, but between the two pages of text is a page of a figure
and a table. Our P4 text looks like:

   <p>  text text text
        <pb ... />
              <figure ... > ... </figure>
              <text ... > ... </text>
        <pb ... />
     more text more text </p>

We're not really happy with this (but it's what we have).

This doesn't translate into directly P5 --- text's can no longer appear
within p's, so how should we do it?

It feels like there should be a @place-like attribute that works at the
div level to describe how this works, but there doesn't seem be.

Stuart Yeates       New Zealand Electronic Text Centre     Institutional Repository