This looks like a job for the CSS pseudo-element :before:

	content: "ΒΆ";

although I'm not sure how you'd hook this into @rend or @rendition.


Robert Whalen wrote:
> Head titles in a book of poems are each preceded by a pilcrow (U 
> +00B6). I am inclined to use <fw/> but hesitate as to whether this  
> qualifies as "similar material," i.e., "a running head (e.g. a  
> header, footer), catchword, or similar material." Clearly this is not  
> header or footer material, but it is a repeated formal feature of no  
> semantic significance to the text it precedes, i.e., the poem title  
> within <head/>. How are others dealing with this (if you've  
> encountered it)?
> Rob

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