Thanks for your suggestion, Piotr. I've been building ODDs by hand a
bit, but for large scale exclusion of things, I've found Roma to just
be more handy.

That being said... whatever was happening doesn't seem to be happening
any more. Don't know if it's me or the system, but I'll definitely be
more careful in the future.


On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Piotr Bański <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Dear Dot,
> This is not exactly the answer you were looking for, but let me just
> suggest editing ODD by hand, especially in such simple cases as
> including a previously removed element. This is what I have switched to
> after having some problems with Roma from time to time, and I don't
> think I'm going back. Of course, I use Roma now in order to load my
> ODDs, check them for sanity, and derive schemas/documentation from them.
> I sometimes use Roma to reset something in the ODD, but then always diff
> the resulting ODD against the original, and merge only the stuff I know
> I want.
> In your case, the workaround for now is to find the element in your ODD
> that removes the "hi", and simply delete it. Or, if there is some more
> magic that you need to do with the "hi", use Roma and then diff+merge
> the result, ignoring all the attributes that got reset.
> Editing ODDs by hand gives you much greater control, and lets you use
> all the nice documentation elements that Roma doesn't handle. If you
> choose to do so, remember to associate your ODD with the "tei_odds"
> schema (that you can get straight from Roma).
> Best,
>  Piotr
> Dot Porter writes:
>> Hi everyone (especially Sebastian),
>> I'm having major problems with the web Roma and I'm pretty sure it's
>> not me. I have an ODD I've been working on and when I load it in and
>> make changes, changes that I've already made to attributes are undone.
>> I've tested this a couple of times (on both web Roma installs) and
>> this is what happens:
>> 1) Load in my odd (with many elements excluded, and many attributes
>> excluded from those elements remaining). I check and everything looks
>> fine - all elements and attributes are included/excluded as they
>> should be.
>> 2) So I've excluded <hi> but now it turns out I need it to be
>> included. I check "include", then save.
>> 3) Now when I click on "change attributes" next to any of the included
>> elements that I've already worked on, *all* attributes are now marked
>> "include".
>> I started with TEI Lite. I have trimmed out many of the <div>s from
>> the <body> of documentation but otherwise haven't messed with the ODD
>> file by hand. The ODD is valid, as is the schema it outputs. Am I
>> doing something wrong (maybe the buttons need to be clicked in some
>> secret order), or is this an error in Roma? Many thanks for any
>> advice.
>> Dot

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