Joe Wicentowski wrote:

> I'm trying to add geo-coordinates to places mentioned in my text to
> feed into Simile Exhibit to 'map' my text, but oXygen is telling me my
> markup isn't compliant (using tei-all).  According to the P5
> Guidelines on <geo> this appears to me to be the correct markup:
> <p>On or about December 8, 1941, the official U.S. Embassy was moved to <place>
>         <placeName>Chongqing</placeName>
>         <location>
>             <geo>29.71350035337055 106.611328125</geo>
>         </location>
>     </place>.</p>

You probably want to mark this up with the <place> and its
<location> in a separate <listPlace> in the header and link the 
<placeName> to that using @ref; <place> is not valid in paragraph 
content.  It's really designed to be used in a structured context, not 
running prose. You might argue this is an unreasonable
restriction, but that's the way its defined at present.

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