H ello ,
I am trying to use :
- <taxonomy> in the tei-header <encodingDes> to define two taxonomies
- and subsequently  in the tei-header <profileDesc>, the <category> defined in this taxonomies  
I don't understand how to link the categories used in <profileDesc> to their declaration in <encodingDesc>.
It seems that a catRef element should be used. How exactly ? 
Could someone help me there (or point me to prior discussion on this point  that I would have missed on the tei-l archives) ?  
 Thanks in advance.
-- Veronika Lux 
PS : if someone advice me to use external pre-defined taxonomies, please explain how to declare these in the <encodingDesc> and, above all, how to use these in the <profileDesc> 
Here is what we have :
<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
< -- -- >
       <-- -->
               <taxonomy  xml:id="mesTypesDePublication"><!-- self defined taxonomy for publication types -->  
                   <category xml:id="mesTypesDePublication.these"><catDesc>thèse</catDesc></category>
                   <category xml:id="mesTypesDePublication.article"><catDesc>article</catDesc></category>
 <-- --> 
               <taxonomy xml:id="disciplinesDeMesPublications"><!-- self defined taxonomy for disciplines of the publication -->  
                   <category xml:id="disciplinesDeMesPublications.linguistique"><catDesc>linguistique</catDesc></category>
                   <category xml:id="disciplinesDeMesPublications.taln"><catDesc>traitement automatique du langage</catDesc></category>
                   <category xml:id="disciplinesDeMesPublications.psychologie"><catDesc>psychologie</catDesc></category>
 <-- --> 
        <-- -->
          <keywords scheme="#mesTypesDePublication"> <!-- QUESTION : here the link is done with the taxonomy ... -->
            <item>thèse</item>                                         <!-- ... but how do you link the particular category used ?  -->
          <keywords scheme="#disciplinesDeMesPublications"><!-- SAME QUESTION -->
            <item>traitement automatique du langage</item>
          <keywords xml:lang="fr"> <!-- IS THIS CORRECT ? -->
                    <item>génération automatique de texte</item>
                    <item>langue contrôlée</item>
   <-- -- >