On 20 Jan 2009 at 17:35, Paul Bartlett wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, James Chandler wrote:
> Yes, it took three attempts just to get an email address that did
> not
> bounce.  The usual 'postmaster@(listserv.)brown.edu' both failed.
> Whether a message to 'help' will succeed in getting a response we
> will
> see.  At least it did not bounce.  However, as for moving the list,
> I
> am not overly in favor of that, as the Brown address has been in
> use
> for years, and trying to move the list could cause some confusion
> (at
> least IMHO).  Apart from the rather obnoxious parameter of not
> always
> setting replies to the list, it seems to work faily well (again,
> IMHO),
> even if it has become an orphan.
> --
> Paul Bartlett

Paul, and others,

The list is run by a special software program. And, because of that, it is automated and run by itself. There is more than likely absolutely no moderator of the whole list. Therefore, there is really no reason to mail the list, or moderator, or help. What one would have to do is to write to the University direct, and to who ever is in charge of their whole computer operation.

Once that program is set up to specs, then the rest is automatic.

As for a moderator, the moderator is only for a single particular list, like auxlang. That is not under the control of anyone in particular as it is done automatically.

So, if I start a list there, and set myself as moderator, and then quit without deleting the list, it will go on forever by itself as long as the University keeps the program live on their computer system.

And, because of that, virtually no one will go in to change the moderator, or anything else on an individual list basis.

So, you need to find someone at some administrator level at the university who is in charge enough to tell the computer "manager" to go into the list and change it. I suspect that will be virtually impossible.

The program is produced by "listserv", and you can see usually their logo or link at the bottom of the page. You can go there and download the program, or get documentation there, but they don't even have control over the listserver at the University.

Therefore, unless you have an "in" with Brown, you can only go elsewhere to start the list over again. Which frankly would be a GREAT idea. Why? Because, I suspect for one thing that the "300+/-" membership list is in reality now only made up of the two dozen or less who actually respond on the list. Lots of folks I suspect have left the use of the list without removing their names.

The auxlang list probably should be started again elsewhere in order to put NEW life into it. And, the old list, i.e. at Brown, should be used to direct new potential members to the new site. Especially since no one here is going to be able to shut down this list at Brown, or become moderator, etc.

Besides, often newness brings new growth.

Be progressive, move on, and start it somewhere else with several moderators in case one leaves. And, then, always over time, ask new people to become a moderator so the new list is never left in limbo as auxlang now is.

I can start a whole new list like this using auxlang.org, or auxlang.com via the mailman program. And, no ads of any kind. However, I'm sure that would not set well with some, but it's available if desired, and Paul, and others could be listed as moderators. And, it could be set up in minutes should everyone agree.

Otherwise, yahoo or google are probably good bets.


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