2009/1/19 Paul Bartlett <[log in to unmask]>:
> On Sun, 18 Jan 2009, Matthew Barnett wrote:
>> [quotes timmed for brevity]
>> What you want is a language which feels like a natural and organic
>> whole, yet is regular and not so much like an existing language that it
>> is dragged towards that language.
>> Interlingua feels like a natural language, yet it's too close to the
>> romance languages and their irregularies, so it's dragged towards them.
>> Occidental feels more like a mixture (like English?), so it's less
>> likely to be dragged towards one of them.
> That is why I am somewhat torn myself.  If it weren't for the tendency
> of (at least some) romanophones to wrench Interlingua in the direction
> of Yet Another Romance Language, I myself like Interlingua. Nevertheless, I
> think that Occidental is more immune to these
> tendencies and has much to say for itself, as it were.  I only wonder
> whether it (i.e., its proponents) can make enough of a comeback for
> Occ/Ile to be a viable candidate as a serious conIAL on the world
> stage.
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> Paul Bartlett

I think it can happen. I spent about two years after 2005 trying out
pretty much everything and have finally made a decision which one to
throw my full support behind, and when that happens I'm quite good at
promoting something. I think the biggest advantage is in cases like
this one:

where I or anyone else can use the language to communicate with others
that have never even seen it before. Interlingua has that too but I
just couldn't bring myself to support it in full, especially since the
orthography isn't even as good as Spanish re: knowing where to place
the stress when it's irregular...among other things like the Romance
pull. The worst was seeing a new student of Interlingua with an
introduction to a list somewhere along the lines of Salute, mi nomine
es... and then receiving responses in various forms of Interlingua
(including even verb conjugation like -n for 3rd person plural) that
do nothing but confuse the new student.

I'm looking forward most right now to Steve's rehashing of the
dictionary. After that's done it'll be time to make a course on
Wikibooks that beginners can start with.