The LCS podcast is now live!

To subscribe, you have various options (they all result in the same thing):

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manually: <> (the latest episode will
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If you have subscribed before (e.g. while we were experimenting with
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Our expected release schedule is every 2 weeks to start; this may
increase as we get more contributions.

Upcoming podcasts include interviews with Donald Boozer, Sally Caves,
Sonja Elen Kisa, Tony Harris, Thomas E. Payne, David Peterson, and
Sylvia Sotomayor (among others).

We are actively seeking people interested in contributing, particularly:
* interviewers who can seek out and record conversations with
interesting conlangers (or topics of interest to conlangers)
* Interviewers and conlangers interested in doing "making of"
conversations, going into the specifics of some particular
conlang-creation decision - what was chosen, what was rejected, why,
and how
* people who can write and record original material of interest to
conlangers - e.g. news, linguistics tidbits, brief (or extended)
tutorials, etc
* music in a conlang to use in outro sequences
* original theme music to use for intro & outro sequences and branding

If that sounds like you, or you have another idea for something you'd
like the community to hear, please email us at [log in to unmask]

 Sai Emrys & David Peterson