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> aUI (I have the book), Babm, Lojban, Oz, Ro, Suma, and Sona
> (I have
> that book also) are somewhat familiar to me, as I have had
> access to
> printed sources.  Certainly Libert's list is far, far
> from complete. For example, he left out Frater and Leno gi
> nasu (I have photocopies of
> those, also).  

But neither is a priori. Frater (as the name implies) had a vocabulary from Latin, Greek, Russian, and others. It had an isolating grammar. Leno gi nasu was Romance run through a Volapuker: "leno" was from "lengua" and "nasu" from "nación"; "gi" for "between" may have been a priori, but the language was mostly a posteriori, if only in a mutated way. (The grammar was a priori, I guess, being quasi-Esperantic.)

On the other hand, there's no mention of Em Sigh Ay, which travelled to India and got a new name.