On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, Gabriel Bodard wrote:

> When working with multiple TEI files that are editions of short texts, as 
> part of a larger project or corpus, we often cite short bibliography for each 
> text and link that to a master bibliography file for the whole collection.


Do you want to do something like we did for the Middle English Dictionary,
that is, link each short-form citation in the (multiple files of 
the) Dictionary to a fully explicated version in the accompanying canonical
bibliography? This was a long time ago, before even P4 was a gleam in the 
eye, and as I recall we introduced many changes, including the 
incorporation of a new element "stncl" (i.e. 'stencil' or bibliographic 
short form--MED and OED slang), and a new attribute @rid ('refers-to-id') 
to link that element to the bibliography, like this:

<CIT MD="1400">
<STNCL RID="hyp.242.19990513T124835">
<MS>Pep 2498</MS>

which linked to a corresponding <STENCIL> element in
the bibliography (in this case, within a usage note), thus:

<USE>In A-M cited with stencil
<STENCIL ID="HYP.242.19990513T124835">

I mention this not as an example of good practice, but to ask
if this is the sort of thing you wish to do.


> What we should ideally do is point (via @key or @ref) to the @xml:id of the 
> bibl in the main bibliography, but it seems that <bibl> does not take 
> att.canonical.
> How do others do this? (In P4-world we abused @n, but I don't want to do this 
> any more.)
> Would a feature request to add bibl to att.canonical have legs, do you think?
> Thanks,
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