Tomaz Erjavec wrote:
> But I do have another questions - we are trying to link a video 
> recording to a play but I'm not quite sure where to put the information 
> about video file and timing - any hints appreciated.
> Related questions is the technology to use. We're currently considering 
> two options - the vanilla one to just split the video file into pieces 
> (one for each act / div) and have a direct link there.

Another option would be to use <timeline> with a bunch of <when> 
elements in it, then pointing to their ids at the correct point in the text.

> The somewhat more ambitious one is to put timing information on <stage> 
> and <sp>, and then convert the TEI to a smil file, and show video in 
> realplayer, with synchronised
> HTML. However, experiments show that our test file crashes in Firefox, 
> so, not so good.

Hrmmm, no, not so good.  As I'm sure you'll have already seen in the 
Guidelines at SMIL 
is one of the suggested possibilities for how to do this.  What if you 
convert it to a series of small SMIL files?

Another option is using a URI-based pointing scheme to point into the 
content of the video at a certain time point.  I remember finding such a 
one (for mpeg, I think) when I looked years ago.  But how you actually 
then do something useful with this... will probably run into the same 
problem as your SMIL test.

Sorry that isn't much help,


Dr James Cummings, Research Technologies Service, University of Oxford
James dot Cummings at oucs dot ox dot ac dot uk