Dear Matija,

This is an interesting question. Structure within <facsimile> is
normally provided page-by-page (or <surface> by <surface>). So for
each page you define one <surface>, and within each surface provide
pointers to the various graphics relating to that surface:

        <surface n="1r" start="#id1r">
            <graphic url="../images/reference/1r.jpg"/>
            <graphic url="../images/master/1r.tiff"/>
            <graphic url="../images/watermark/1rwm1.jpg"/>
            <graphic url="../images/details/1rdet1.jpg"/>
            <graphic url="../images/details/1rdet2.jpg"/>

For details and watermarks (which refer not to the entire surface of
the page) you may use <zone> to indicate bounding boxes.

That's the normal (recommended in the guidelines) way to do it. That
being said, it's possible to have more than one <facsimile> in your
TEI document. So I don't see any reason why you couldn't create
several different <facsimiles> one for each of your "types" of images
(one facsimile for all master TIFFs, one for all reference jpegs, one
for all details, etc.). <facsimile>, however, doesn't have a @type
attribute, so there really isn't a way to indicate explicitly which
<facsimile> is for which type of image (although that should be
implicit by the contents). The same goes for the first option, though,
having multiple <graphic>s under a single <surface> - it doesn't seem
possible to note explicitly which graphics of a what particular type.
I'm not sure that's even an issue.

If you are very careful with your file naming conventions, it should
be possible to process the different facsimile arrangements back and
forth even without explicit @types marked on either graphics or
facsimiles (gathering together all images of the same folio under one
surface, or breaking all images into separate facsimiles by image
type), so I'm not sure it matters which way you do it (although I
expect others on the list will find reasons to recommend one of the

Hope this helps,


2009/2/17 Matija Ogrin <[log in to unmask]>:
> Hello,
> I wished to ask if there is a way to bring some structural divisions to our
> <facsimile> in a critical edition? We have transcription of the ms. in the
> <body> and transcriptions of some related documents in the <back> etc.
> Accordingly, we would like to have some "sections" or "divisions" within the
> <facsimile> (say, a part with ms. images, another part with the images of
> related documents, another part for the ms details, watermarks etc.)
> Any advice will be very wellcome. Best,
> Matija
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> Matija Ogrin
> e-ZISS <>
> Elektronske znanstvenokritične izdaje slovenskega slovstva
> Inštitut za slovensko literaturo in literarne vede ZRC SAZU

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