Thanks, Laurent & Lou. I prefer to be consistent, so I'm going to go for keeping biblScope outside of imprint. My reasoning is that the definition of imprint (as a word, not necessarily in the TEI sense) is the bibliographic information about a publisher and the facts of publication. The page numbers or even volume information is not the same type of information.

I'm open to persuasion, of course!

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In fact, I fully agree with your argument, but I had understood that 
both examples in the initial post where of the first type. The first 
one is a paper in a journal, the second one a chapter in an edited 
book. So Lisa, keep bith views in mind!

Le 5 févr. 09 à 15:15, Lou Burnard a écrit :

> With some trepidation, I venture to disagree slightly with the 
> Council Chairman on this topic.
> My view is that a full bibliographic description should  include 
> biblScope inside the imprint when the work being described is only a 
> part of some other work for example, if the biblStruct title might 
> be something like "Artichoke - Axolotl (Encylopaedia Vegetiana vol 
> 3)". When, by contrast, the work being described is the whole thing, 
> and we just want to reference a part of it in the description, then 
> the biblScope belongs as a sibling of the imprint, rather than its 
> child. The latter seems to me the more usual case -- e.g. where we 
> cite an analytic title.
> But maybe I am dissecting angels on a pin. Or something. Speak up 
> librarians!
> Laurent Romary wrote:
>> In both cases, I would put the page information in the <imprint>,. 
>> =20
>> First to maintain some consistency accross the encoding, but also 
>> to =20
>> keep to the meaning of <imprint> (cf. =
>> CO.html#COBICOI)=20
>> : that should contain: "the specific location of the material being 
>> =20
>> cited within its containing publication".
>> Best,
>> Laurent