If you are utilizing laceration codes for the initial repair, suture removal is included in the global charge associated with this service. In which case, most payers will not reimburse the professional component of the charge. It may be more cost effective for & the institution to make this a "nurse/suture tech" only visit and involve the EP only if there is a complication associated with wound healing.
Le Bonheur

 Jay Pershad, MD, FAAP, FACEP

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At Maimonides, a visit to the ER for the purpose of suture removal is  considered a regular ER visit: Triage plus VS, followed by a doctor's evaluation of the healing wound,  questions about health issues related to the laceration (e.g.with  head  trauma), suture/staple removal under supervision of the attending, and billing  (low 
complexity) for the procedure (suture removal) and an ER visit.
Yes, it does take time....
Giora Winnik MD

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