I just love that quote,
Todd Z
PS I fear the day that a med mal claim arises from a (Peds ER) doc ordering  
a CT scan...
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While I  agree that the CT radiation is real- remember that much if not  
all  of this data is extrapolation of nuclear bomb/ disaster data. This   
troubles me personally - just how much do we know about this  risk?

Todd - the quote I am familiar with is 'Over-reliance on  one's  
experience can lead to making the same mistakes with  increasing levels  
of confidence.'

Jay Fisher

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> Hi Chuck, Hope all is well,
> I am actually looking  into developing an informed consent for CT  
> scans for
>  children. It is a tedious task.
> I personally try to practice that if  they have RLQ pain/tenderness,  
> a WBC  >
> 15K, a  CRP > 7 or 8, they likely will have appendicitis. Equivocal  
>  cases  get
> observed and/or CT with surgical consult. Our US techs  are not  
> proficient at
> US as of yet. I can only hope and  pray.
> Interestingly, Peds Emergency Medicine Reports recently eluded  to a  
> sort of
> standard being to officially consult a  surgeon prior to ordering a  
> CT. We can
> all interpret  this in many ways I can imagine.
> No set protocols, I think protocols  can medical-legally get us into   
> trouble,
> I DO  like Guidelines however.
> I like the quote at the end of your note, I  have a quote from  
> someone as
> well, I'm not sure of the  exact language, but it goes something like:
> "Experience in medicine  allows you to come up with the wrong  
> diagnosis with
>  that much more confidence".
> I love that...
>  Regards,
> Todd Z
> Dr. Todd  Zimmerman
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> writes:
> This  is  an interesting question especially when extended to the   
> frequently
> ordered  abdominal/pelvis CT (more radiation)  for abdominal pain R/O  
> appy
> clinical   scenario.
> I think a discussion of radiation exposure should  always be  done,  
> and  a

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