Ocean State Job Lot has a sale on Old Town kayaks, starting today. There is
a huge inventory of kayaks of all sizes and models, at very good prices.

Examples of some of the high-end kayaks they had:

Cayuga 146: MSRP $1049, sale: $629; quantity available: 68 (no rudder)
Cayuga 160: MSRP $1199, sale: $719; quantity: 83 (no rudder)

These are the high end models, but they also have a bunch of cheaper,
low-end models. They also have a few canoes.

The deal is: you leave $100 deposit, and pick up the kayak in 8 days. You
can't see the actual kayaks, they only have paper descriptions in a binder.

There is an Ocean State Job Lot on Route 6 in Seekonk, across the road from
Stop and Shop and Staples.

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