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> > Is Gary correct that, in
> > English, /ts/ is an initial consonant cluster in these loan words?
> But that is _not_ how I understood Gary's question. I quote the original email:

You're correct about what Gary's original question was, but I felt several people (including myself) had taken the stance that because initial <ts> represents a phoneme in the languages that we've taken loanwords from (tsar, tsetse, tsunami, etc.), initial <ts> is a single phoneme in English, leading to his confusion about what a consonant cluster is. I thought it fair to suggest that, in English, at least for some of the people who say [tsUnami], analyzing it as a consonant cluster is a linguistically reasonable analysis.

To the original original point, certainly, a reasonable linguistic analysis has been provided that Japanese syllable structure is limited to (C)V(C).

-- Paul