In a private reply to Sai, I suggested---

> You might offer up a relay-type text in English for people
> to translate-- that would avoid the going-astray that occurs
> in relays...I have a translation of the famous "Hopi
> Elder Speaks"-- you know, "we are the ones
> we've been waiting for."-- that might be a
> candidate for everyone to work on (it's a bit long
> however) ????

Sai suggested I put this idea to the List, so here it is for consideration. Sorta relevant these days, since Obama quoted that line in his campaign.  I have the text, if anyone is unfamiliar with it; I think it's available thru google, too.  It was one of my first translations into Kash, posted on the old Langmaker mail-list back in 2000 or so.

> Perhaps something like the left vs
> > right page
> > style of some parallel translated/original books? 
I was a little dubious about this, because "the reader still wouldn't
> necessarily be able to figure out the grammar or which Engl.
> word corresponds to which conlang word." But on due consideration I think it's a good idea. We can't really expect readers (esp. non- or barely-conlangers) to flip back and forth to translations in an appendix or, though it certainly wouldn't hurt anyone, to actually translate texts with the aid of the grammar-appendix and vocab or linked grammar/dictionary !!

I think someone (Jim Henry?) suggested recordings of the texts-- Yay!! I'd love to do that for (some of) the ones I offered-- it's long past time I figured out how to record stuff :-((((((  If it doesn't get into too much expense, a CD of the recordings could be included with the book. (IIRC some editions of LeGuin's "Always Coming Home" did that.)

Speaking of her, <tooting own horn> I still plunk for the idea of approaching Le Guin, especially when she hears how much her work was instrumental in the creation of my con-world and -languages </toot>