2009/4/8 Lars Finsen <[log in to unmask]>

> Den 8. apr. 2009 kl. 12.50 skreiv Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets:
>  Not as far as I know. My husband is a former psychotherapist and says I
>> don't exhibit the usual symptoms. I'm just socially challenged, having
>> never really practised social skills when I was a child. I do have them, but
>> they stayed in embryonic stage due to lack of training. And unlike
>> Asperger's I know, I actually crave social contact, although I'm not good at
>> it and it's exhausting me.
> Your experience is remarkably similar to mine. I think actual social
> contact is tiring as well and I don't crave it so much, but I do spend some
> time with it on the internet and in various clubs and associations, so there
> must be some underlying urge there.

Me too. I'm currently a big Twitter addict :) .

> I'm open and friendly enough when encountering individuals, but feel uneasy
> in crowds. That's why countryside life suits me so well. Here I am more
> social than ever and stop and chat at length with people on the road as is
> the custom here.

I have exactly the same experience. I've lived in Paris and The Hague, but
would never go back and live there. My life here in Assen is quiet, and I've
never been as social as when I lived in those big cities. I also feel very
uneasy in crowds, sometimes to the point of feeling sick.

> I'm not alien to body language, however. In my youth I was rather alert to
> it, always on the lookout to see if I could expect good or bad from people.
> Survival necessity, I guess. Afterwards I have studied it more thoroughly.
> It's nice for communicating with animals, and for calling bluffs at poker.

I communicate very well with animals, but that might be because I don't
expect them to communicate in any other way than with body language. So I
learned for instance how my dog communicates with his body language. But
human body language is to me more of an annoyance than something I should
pay attention to. We've got words and tone of voice after all, why should I
have to try and read your face and body features just to know what you
really mean? Just say it!
Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets.