On Wednesday 01 April 2009 07:21, Roger Mills wrote:
> Jim Henry wrote:
>  In general I think we ought to
> > stick to original writing in conlangs, with maybe a few
> > pieces translated from public-domain sources.
> I think the Babel story is already collected somewhere and doesn't need any
> more exposure.  How about the "North Wind and the Sun"?

FWIW, you as conlangers and members of this elist are hereby permitted to make 
conlang translations of the short stories and the poems of mine located at, and also of the Vheratsho and Praleyo story sequence 
published under my use-name of In_Loos_Ptokai in the Enclave at for publication in this proposed 
conlang anthology.

If you need paper documentation of my grant of translation rights, send me a 
private email, with the relevant details, and I'll snail-mail it off to you.

> There's also Vantage Press, a vanity publisher so long-established it's
> almost mainstream :-))))

Not a Vanity Publisher!  I'm not very vain, my dear sir!
> > --
> > Jim Henry
> >

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