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> But 'ketchup' is divided differently, /kEtS.Vp/.

Huh, the AHD indeed has "ketch-up".  I would have expected "ket-chup",
 /kEt.tS)Vp/.   I might even have a geminate t there, come to think of

But in general, syllable breaks confuse me.  For one thing, sometimes
y'all talk about phonetic ones, which makes no sense whatsoever to me.
 You have two nuclei and something centered in between them; how do
you determine which nucleus that something goes with?  Even
phonemically, though, the rules for placing the breaks in English
don't seem to correspond to my native-speaker intuition.

> BTW, "An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English" says that 'catsup' is incorrect.

That sounds like reason to toss that book on the fire; I suspect its
caloric value to be higher than its informational one.
"incorrect", indeed...

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