Kelvin Jackson wrote:
> I remember reading once about the affricates /dD)/ and /tT)/, and 
> realizing that they may occur in English: specifically in the word 
> "width". However, I tend to realize "width" as /wInT/, despite the 
> spelling. I'm wondering how everyone pronounces this cluster in English,

[wItT] but although in a given language /tT)/ could (and probably does) 
occur as an affricate, IMO it's simpler to regard just as an interesting 
cluster in English.

> and whether the /wInT/ pronunciation is commonplace or not.

I've not heard it before. But it's interesting.

When my brother was young he habitually pronounced _vegetable_ , 
['vEdZ0t@bl=] in this neck of the woods, as ['vEntS)t@bl=]. There was a 
devoicing of the [dZ] before [t], but with an epenthetic [n] to compensate.

I'm wondering if something like that is happening in your pronunciation. 
It would, indeed, be interesting to know if /wInT/, or anything similar, 
is common anywhere.

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