From my limited experience, I'd said the second one, at
least it is the case in Hungarian. The rational being that
the links between the nominal and the case suffixes are
grammatical while the ones between the nominal and the
pronominal suffix are more semantic.

I may be desperately parochial, however

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Date      : Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:51:06 +1200
Subject : personal pronominal suffixes and case suffixes

I was writing a little story set in my conworld a little
while ago and included 
some Yhe Vala Lakha.  In the process, and quite by accident,
I inverted my 
usual order of nominal+personal pronominal suffix+case
suffix to nominal+case 
suffix+personal pronominal suffix.  I corrected it as soon
as I could, but the 
matter raised the question in my mind:

what is the order in natural languages?

I originally chose the n+pps+cs order because that seemed to
me to be more 
natural than n+cs+pps - the case suffix controls both the
nominal and the 
personal proniminal suffix.  However, that's just my pov.

What does everybody think?

Wesley Parish

"Sharpened hands are happy hands.
"Brim the tinfall with mirthful bands" 
- A Deepness in the Sky, Vernor Vinge

"I me.  Shape middled me.  I would come out into hot!" 
I from the spicy that day was overcasked mockingly - it's a
symbol of the 
other horizon. - emacs : meta x dissociated-press

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