On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:55:44 +0900, Daniel Bowman wrote:

> Pete,
> I have had similar experiences, and they often made me doubt my sanity,
> especially before I joined this listserv (now I figure that if I'm crazy, at
> least there's a fair number of similar crazy people out there).  I do not
> feel like I'm "creating" angosey, but rather "uncovering" it.

It is the same to me with the Albic languages.  It feels more like
*discovering* what has been there before, rather than *inventing*
something new.  Currently, I am trying to sort out the prehistory
of Proto-Albic, which appears to be related to Proto-Indo-European,
and I don't ask myself, "At which stage should I place this sound
change?" but, "When did this sound change happen?"  And I *cannot*
change Old Albic at my whim - it is the way it is! I *did* make
mistakes which I later corrected, but that is because I found out
new facts about the language which falsified some assumptions I
had made about it.

> [...] If I force it,
> I feel like the words I create don't have the authentic ring that my other
> ones have.

Indeed.  I made up words "on the spot" for use in translation relays,
and these words did not feel like actual words of the real Old Albic
language, but merely as words I had made up to fill out gaps in my
knowledge of the language, and did not make it into the actual
vocabulary.  Sometimes I hit the right word that way, but often,
I didn't.

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