It's now down to ten simple rules:

 1. The basic forms are the Assertion (A), the Query (Q), and the Command (K).

--The Assertion--

 2. The Assertion A must be at least SV.
 3. SV can be augmented with any number of O, which can come before, between, or after SV:
		Example: SV, OSV, SOV, SVO, OOSV, OSOV, OSVO, SOOV, SOVO, SVOO, OOOSV, etc. are all valid.
 4. S must be at least N.
 5. N can be augmented by any number of J, which must come before N:
		Example: N, JN, JJN, JJJN, etc. are all valid.
 6. N can be augmented by at most one O, which must follow N:
		Example: N, NO, JNO, JJNO, etc. are all valid.
 7. N, augmented or not, can be preceded by one D:
		Example: DN, DJNO, DNO, DJJN, DJNO, etc. are all valid.
 8. O must be at least P.
 9. P can be augmented by one N, one J, or one A which follows P:
		Example: P, PN, PJ, and PA are the only valid O. (N may be augmented by rules 5, 6 or 7)
10. C joins two elements of the same kind and behaves like one of those elements:
			VCV acts like V; "run AND jump"
			NCN acts like N; "cows OR pigs"
			OCO acts like O; "on horseback OR by train"
			ACA acts like A; "We will-stay here IF the weather is bad."
		Some C come in one of two additional forms with detached particles:
		x...C and C...x used like this: xVCV acts like V, and VCVx acts like V.
			x...C = "if...then", "both...and", "either...or".
				xJCJ: [Take] EITHER red OR blue [balloons].
			C...x = "and...both", "and ... all"
				NCNx: The horses AND their riders ALL [stopped here].

(The Query and the Command have not be worked on yet.)

Example forms:

	A - an Assertion; rule 1
	SV - by rule 2
	SVO - by rule 3
	SVP - by rule 8
	SVPN - by rule 9
	NVPN - by rule 4
	NVPDN - by rule 7

Final pattern: NVPDN

	N... V... P. D.. N....
	John went to the store.

	NVPDN => DNVPDN by rule 7

	D.. N.. V... P. D.. N....
	The boy went to the store.


	A - an Assertion; rule 1
	SV - by rule 2
	OOSVO - by rule 3
	OONVO - by rule 4
	PNPNNVPN - by rule 9 (times 3)
	PNPJNNVPN - by rule 5
	PDNPDJNNVPDN - by rule 7 (times 3)

Final pattern: PDNPDJNNVPDN 

	P. D.. N.. P. D.. J... N... N V... P D N.....
	To the man in the blue suit I gave  a dollar.

Note:  is an ai Basata particle that does not exist in English. It marks the direct object.


	A - an Assertion; rule 1
	SV - by rule 2
	SVO - by rule 3
	SVPNVPJ - ...
	SCSxVPNVPJ - by rule 10: S => SCSx


	D.. N... P. N............ C.. D.. N..... P... V... P. D.. N...... P.... x.. V.... P... N V. P J........ 
	The gods on Mount Olympus and the people that live in the village below all think that I am  quite mad.