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I've thought about a system that would use adpositions like the French use of "à" as in "machine à écrir" and maybe even a particle to mark adjectives like Albanian* does . That way the relationships would be clearly understood.

* (for this matter, I've thought Albanian could make a good auxlang if you want to go in the Eurolang direction)

I tried some time ago to reckon out which such particles would be needed. I can't find the list that I made now but it started out like this:

- for the benefit of: "a human machine" => "a machine for humans"
- belonging to: "a human machine" => "a machine belonging to humans"
- made by: "a human machine" => "a machine made by humans"
- made out of: "a human machine" => "a machine made of humans"
- for the containment of: "a human machine" => "a machine for holding humans"
- for the doing of: "a human machine" => "a machine for creating humans"
- coming from: ....

At that point I petered out and decided that I'd probably never get such a list right or complete, so in Qakwan I just use explicit verbs rather than particles (though I do have a particle for "associated with in some way" and one to mark an indirect object in some nonspecific way).